Love is never spending another lonely day

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My love for you continues, my heart hurts more and more each day. You write and call and speak all the words I've always prayed you'd say. But now I set with tears on my cheeks, disappointed.
How much more misery will you cause my breaking heart, by pretending to care, then taking it away from me like so many times before?


Love is never spending another lonely day, and never worrying who will be there for you, when you are old and gray.

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world

Heaven's not just above the clouds, but also for us to find right here on earth!

Love begins when a person feels another person's needs are as important as his own!

Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love 'til you give it away!

Tina Sandy

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