and I will love it forever...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I once asked my mirror why when I think of you,
I cry... And he told me:
"When dreams don't fit in our eyes,
they fall and become tears"

What can you do when the one that made you cry,
is the only one who can make you stop?
I still can't figure it out...

The greatest journey of my life,
is the one haunted in my fantasy and
its pursuit leads me to you...

A long time ago,
my love was the most sparkling star of the sky,
shining next to the moon.
The rest stars felt very sad,
but my love was very proud...
When the star became a human and got down to earth,
he loved me but I lost it in just one day...He left,
but the star remained there,
and I will love it forever...

Malva Rosetta

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